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Rug Care Tips

A good emergency spoting system is simple, and all you need is club soda (or soda water), white vinegar and cotton towels.


  1. Immediately blot the wet area with a white cotton towel. Do not scrub the affected area, as this untwists and breaks the wool, silk, or cotton face fibers. (with a dense substance, use a spoon or other curved tool to scoop up as much as you can before you begin blotting.)
  2. Look at the wet towel for two things: is the spill absorbing into the towel, and also, are any of the rug’s dyes absorbing into the towel.
  3. If the rug’s dyes are absorbing into the towel, blot a bit more and then STOP. No more work can be done to this area without causing the area’s dyes to bleed together. This type of damage can devalue your rug, so you want to stop before you make it worse. At this point you can pack the area with corn starch (or salt) and this will absorb the moisture and the spill into the powder.
  4. If the rug’s dyes are NOT absorbing into the towel then place a folded towel underneath the affected area and using a sponge dampened with club soda and blot the affected area. (if it is a pet stain or other damaging acid stain), then you can pack the area with corn starch. The corn starch will pull up more of the spill as it dries. It is very absorbent. Do NOT use baking soda! Do NOT use any household spot removers!

Pet urine and vomit stains

  • Pet urine and vomit stains are the worst stain on an oriental rug. If you do not get to them right away, you can have permanent dye loss, dye migration (“bleeding”), urea discoloration, food dye discoloration, and of course odor.
  • With a pet accident, you want to follow the same steps except you SUBSTITUTEwhite vinegar for the club soda. The vinegar will help lessen the dye bleed risk, and will help suspend and help you blot away the acidic urine or vomit.
    • Get the area dry and dried thoroughly. You want to make sure the inner most cotton fibers of your rug are 100% dry, so elevate the rug to dry for at least a day.
    • If you have used corn starch it becomes hard to the touch when dry, and this can be broken apart with a spoon and scooped up and vacuumed away.
  • Do NOT use baking soda! Do NOT use any household spot removers!

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