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Animal Urine on Oriental and Fine Rugs

Max & BernieAside from creating an unhealthy indoor environment, urine contamination in area rugs can cause permanent damage.

Why does it smell so bad?

Urine odor comes both from the waste and from the bacteria that uses it as a food source. The waste materials and gases from the decomposing urine create that common ammonia-like unpleasant odor. Dried urine is often worse in the humid months or on a rainy day because the urine salts attract moisture.
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Urine salts need to be completely neutralized and rinsed from the face fiber’s and the foundation yarns of your rug. This rinsing process is extensive.

We do a contamination inspection using Ultraviolet lights and Moisture meters to locate Urine deposits in your rug. This inspection is the sure-fire way to locate insidious urine spots and allows us to eliminate the odor and its contamination.

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